Ugly Sound

I am using this short video of the original Carmageddon as an example of some ugly sound design. The first thing that is noticeably bad sound design is that some of the time major sounds are missing, for example at 0:53 the player crashes hard into a lamp post and no sound is triggered. This problem occurs constantly throughout the game, it doesn't seem to matter what the player is hitting. See (0:53), (0:55), (1:00) and (1:08).

The second major problem is the repetitive nature of all the sounds. There is only one splat sound for hitting pedestrians and only 2-3 screams, as hitting pedestrians is a major objective in the game i would expect more sound to be attached to the pedestrians as it makes hitting them very repetitive.

The third major problem is the complete lack of ambient sound, this makes the envronments unrealistic.

Also at random intervals during the game for no discernible reason the phrase "i've hit the wall" is played. (1:17)

I am aware that this is a relatively old game (1997) and processing power and memory was probably diverted to the game's at the time ground breaking physics, however because the sound is quite bad and repetitive it ruins parts of the gameplay. This doesn't have to happen, other games released at the time such as MDK and Dungeon Keeper managed to sound great as well as pushing the envelope as what graphics could do on the hardware available.