Andrew Quinn

Sound Designer

Andrew Quinn is a UK based sound designer currently working at Rocksteady Studios Ltd as a Senior Sound Designer on Batman: Arkham VR.

Previously at Rocksteady he worked on Batman: Arkham Knight. At Splash Damage he worked on BRINK and Batman: Arkham Origins, lead the audio on RAD Soldiers and made some sounds for Dirty Bomb.

Before that he worked on a dinosaur based FPS called Primal Carnage and a book teaching game audio in the Unreal Development Kit called The Game Audio Tutorial.

And even before that; he taught several audio based modules at Leeds Metropolitan University and he still goes back regularly to do a guest lecture for the game audio MSc and BSc students.

He holds an MSc in Sound and Music for Interactive Games with distinction, and a first class honours degree in Creative Music and Sound Technology.

He should also stop talking about himself in the third person.