Christmas Come Early: Testing A Sony D-50

Just recently I have bought myself a Sony D-50 handheld recorder for grabbing quick sounds and carrying about when the FR-2 and blimp are a little inconvenient. One of the features that really sold this to me over the others available, was the ability to do both X/Y and 120° AB mic positioning*, which would mean that it would be great (in theory) for recording quick spot fx, ambiences and impulse responses.

So here's two things that I recorded today which otherwise probably would have been missed;

Recorded @ 96k 24bit Sony D-50 Internal Mics X/Y

Recorded @ 96k 24bit Sony D-50 Internal Mics AB

Finally if you're possibly wondering why there haven't been that many Game Audio Tutorial recording posts recently, it's because I've been implementing all these sounds into the UDK.

*EDIT I originally stated that the second D50 mic position was ORTF this was incorrect (thanks Jed of JedSound) you can read about ORTF mic positioning here;