GAT Eerie Wind

This is kind of a cross post from an answer to a question I made on Social Sound Design the original thread (and some really cool wind tips) can be found here

So back to it! Wind sounds. Anyone who has tried to record wind knows that it isn't an easy beast to tame. The easiest way to record wind is to record something being moved by the wind rather than actual wind, as the sound of air being blown into a mic isn't that great. But what if you want to create an eerie whistling wind? They do exist in real life but can be hard to recreate or find so here is my solution to the problem.

In the eerie wind samples provided in GAT I used Paulstretch to stretch some cable swishes by several hundred percent. These stretched swishes are ok on their own but to make them seem more airy and real I added a little bit of eq, reverb and delay.