Primal Carnage Podcast

Primal Carnage has generated its first podcast listen to it now ! via OVERCLOCKED 2

Primal Carnage

Have you ever thought what would a game be like if instead of player vs. player it was player vs. dinosaur? If so, then indie developer Lukewarm Media has just the game for you, Primal Carnage. Primal Carnage puts you right in the middle of an all out war of man vs. dinosaur. Instead of bringing you 200 million years to the past and arming you with sticks and stone, the dinosaurs are brought to you via an experiment gone wrong. Now this is not your daddy’s FPS game either. While you duke it out against the dinosaurs be sure to remember there is a guy controlling that dino who wants to crush you just as badly. Wait. What did I just say? Yes, you can control the dinosaurs.

Primal Carnage is also sporting some of the best graphics around thanks to Uniengine and the sound is awesome as well. DX9, DX10, DX11? Whatever you can support Primal Carnage is for you. It will punish those of you who think you have great systems, but still be easy enough to run for those who haven’t upgraded in a while.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be top dinosaur or top dino-killer? Listen to the cast to find out and head on over to to sign up for their beta and find out.

Oh and did I mention there will be mods?

Even a little mention of the sound team, I would like to add that there is another talented (yet unsung in the podcast) sound designer working on Primal Carnage called David Yingling

Skip to 28:00 for the sound section of the interview