Recording Cars

As described in a previous post im currently working on an independant game, the game features a jeep and motorcross bike as two playable vehicles. As a bit of a test to see the results i could get i went out and recorded my 13 year old Audi A4. Il be using some more suitable vehicles for the game. After reading some tips on recording cars from Tim Prebble's exelent blog (Shamless Plug--> The Music Of Sound) I decided to use two dynamic microphones, a Shure SM57 and a Shure SM58 Beta. I covered both of these in a condom and then wrapped them in two old tea towels to reduce vibration.

Word of warning! don't use lubricated condoms, (as i did initially) as you end up with slightly lubed microphones. I can't yet see the advantage of having a lubricated microphone, unless you're trying to insert it into someone.....

I placed the SM57 in the engine bay pointing diagonally at the engine, initially i had the cable routed through the passenger side window but this left the mic cable running right past the battery which introduced some interesting interference. So instead i routed the cable through the driver side window and taped it over the dashboard.

The SM58 was put over the exhaust and the cable was routed over the boot and in through the rear passenger window.